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Bigger, Longer, Bolder, Hotter — Fiery Arm #4!

Working on Fiery Arms #4 (Bigger=compensation?) in the studio. See the progression:

(Click on image to enlarge)


FA4 studio1 FA4 studio2 FA4 studio3 FA4 studio4 FA4 studio5 FA4 studio6 FA4 studio7 FA4 studio8 FA4 studio9 FA4 studio10 FA4 studio11

Performance Drawing at Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

In March I participated in a show called “BLUE” that was part of a series of family-friendly 3rd Friday Festival events at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. I did a collaborative performance drawing called “Pen-do-Chronology #8 (Santa Cruz Bluez, 3/20/15, 5-8:00 pm)” which relied on the participation of audience members to create:

Pen-do-8 1 Pen-do-8 2 Pen-do-8 3 Pen-do-8 4 Pen-do-8 5 Pen-do-8 6 Pen-do-8 7 Pen-do-8 8 Pen-do-8 9 Pen-do-8 10 Pen-do-8 11

Laser Cutting Burns

Laser cutting 1/2″ plywood for “Fiery Arm Sub-Prop” sculptures at Pagoda Arts in SF:


 Lasercut 1 Lasercut 5 Lasercut 4 Lasercut 3 Lasercut 2 Lasercut 6