Performance Drawing at Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

In March I participated in a show called “BLUE” that was part of a series of family-friendly 3rd Friday Festival events at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. I did a collaborative performance drawing called “Pen-do-Chronology #8 (Santa Cruz Bluez, 3/20/15, 5-8:00 pm)” which relied on the participation of audience members to create:

Pen-do-8 1 Pen-do-8 2 Pen-do-8 3 Pen-do-8 4 Pen-do-8 5 Pen-do-8 6 Pen-do-8 7 Pen-do-8 8 Pen-do-8 9 Pen-do-8 10 Pen-do-8 11

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