Make art in the parking lot

I left my studio on a hot, sunny day to drop off some mail at the post office and decided to swing by Safeway to buy some band-aids. The day before I had accidentally stabbed my forefinger while trying to pry parts out of a piece of wood I had laser cut (the laser didn’t cut all the way through everywhere I needed it to, hence the need to pry). When I bandaged myself I noticed I was almost out of band-aids and decided, since I appear to be prone to this sort of thing, that I had better get more. So, got the band-aids from Safeway and then walked into the parking lot, navigating across the expanse of cement and cars while squinting and looking down because the sun was so bright (I had forgotten my glasses, which “self-tint” in the sun). As I walked I noticed the parking spot paint lines creating interesting geometric patterns and a nice circular pattern in the cement, which I had never paid attention to before. I left the parking lot and stopped dead in my tracts. I was thinking that I really liked those parking spot paint lines and that maybe I should go back and take pictures of them. But I’m not a “photographer” and I don’t have a “good” camera, so what do to? Does it matter if the image quality is good enough to print or if I have the right lens or whatever? Do I need to be a “photographer” and not a “drawer” or “painter” or “printmaker” or “dad”? Well… fuck it, I thought, I have a crappy iPhone camera and I can just go and do it and who cares? As in, just be spontaneous (remember that word, you tired, crabby old 41-year-old)? As in, just go ahead and make art from whatever you find. Right? I mean, why not?

Safeway Park Lines #1-12 (Homage to Mondrian)

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